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Predator and Prey

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Last week I drove from Anchorage to Prudhoe Bay over 800 miles to work for most of the week, I always keep my camera on the front seat hoping to capture a great photo in Alaska. Here are a couple pictures I took of a Red Fox and an Arctic Ground Squirrel.

Arctic Ground Squirrel

This cute little plump ground squirrel was busy eating and packing away as many calories as he could before the long winter of Prudhoe Bay sets in . At this time of year it could happen at any day. He was scurrying around grabbing leaves and pieces of the tundra stuffing them in his mouth. Each time he would grab something he would stand up and watch me taking pictures of him and go back to business eating again. Little did he know a little ways away was this red fox hunting for his next meal.

Red Fox on the Tundra

The red fox was actually sitting on his hind end watching the tundra for grounds squirrels and other types of food that he could find. When I stopped to take his picture he stood up and walked away and then would stop and look back at me and when he felt he was far enough away he would lay down again. Then get up and go a little farther. We played cat and mouse as I tried to get closer but the fox won and went far enough away I let him have his space and when I retreated he layed down again with his eyes surfing the tundra for his next meal again.

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